1218 BEAUTY is made for all make-up lovers who enjoy expressive looks and stylings suitable for everyday. The products of 1218 BEAUTY stand for power and self confidence and underline a strong personality.

Besides her successful career in German Rap genre, Loredana is known for her polarizing looks. She loves to try out new and unusual styles which express her mood and facets, but her personality always remains the same. With her music and expressive make-up, Loredana embodies a strong and self-confident woman, who remains true to herself, never letting herself be put off by the resentment of haters. The brand name is a little homage to Loredana’s
daughter Hana, who was born on 18 December 2018. She is and always will be first, therefore the love for her daughter is reflected in 1218 BEAUTY.

True to Loredana’s motto “Keep your eyes open”, the first product drop of 1218 BEAUTY is an eyeliner set. It contains three intensive and highly pigmented liquid eyeliners in blue, purple and white, which perfectly set off the eyes.